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<Paul-Pister> i too love da doggy
<zapphodityy> ive seen dogs lick their own balls
<zapphodityy> funny habit that
<Single24MNY> why do dogs lick thier balls? because they can.
<zapphodityy> imagine if humans could do it
<Paul-Pister> bow wow........woof woof
<Single24MNY> if we could we would never leave the house
<Icanttakeit> Ill teach the dog how to talk
<zapphodityy> wed have no internet
<zapphodityy> or tv
<Paul-Pister> love comes from the heart
<Icanttakeit> hell teach me how to lick my own balls
<zapphodityy> wed be licking our balls instead
<zapphodityy> id rather try licking my own balls for the time being
<zapphodityy> doesnt really stack up with ball licking
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