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*** Joins: mahchem (mahchem@833E69.4E9982.0D0FAA.9CFEDC)
(mahchem): how does one sign out of a chatroom?
(nikkka): With /quit
(mahchem): thank you
[05:07] (nikkka): Ywww
[05:07] *** Quits: mahchem (mahchem@833E69.4E9982.0D0FAA.9CFEDC) (Client exited)
(DeSt|nY): ahhahahahaha
(DeSt|nY): x button is faster :P
(Time_Out): yeah lol
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.:Huntress:. Now megankatie you must french kiss Naxh!!!
.:nekmit:. wake him up first though megankatie
.:megankatie:. Sorry, I had my tonuge removed.
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<CrazyNuts> :O
<DeeDeVille> hold that face CrazyNuts
* DeeDeVille unzips  
* CrazyNuts closes quickly
<CrazyNuts> -_-
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<DeeDeVille> your intructions are damn confusing
<The|Dark|Matter> d-.-b
<DeeDeVille> i ended up with my penis in the microwave....
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(I_have_crabs): gotta go now
(paskill): k cya
(I_have_crabs): was a pleasure for u chatting with me
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(Optimus): Iím gonna go take a hot shower. Itís like a normal shower, but with me in it. DarkStalkers,
(DarkStalkers): =.=
(DarkStalkers): So lame
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.:Minerva:. why are so many farmers on IRC
.:nekmit:. lol
.:The|Dark|Matter:. cuz.. no chicks are interested in their cocks in real life
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in #nightowls  <interpol55> it's like "man, this sucks, there's a big pile of tedious cuntery on my screen, oh, no, wait, I can ignore this shit and it all disappears, yay! *claps hands in tremendously gay fashion*"
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(mind|hkd): i like bewbs, too bad i quit growin mine at the age of 2
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<Guest95319> im a f
<papergirl> an f?
<papergirl> u need to get ur grades up
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