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<soul_kisses> Metal_Dude u must use lot of tiolet papper with u bullshit
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^A^ngel  Quit (Quit: God created Man, then he had a better idea, he created Woman, but he forgot to fix Man!)
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(Quit: roses are red, violets are blue, AIDS is contagious, so watch who u screw!!!)
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<jj-> Good girls just say no. Bad girls just say WHO. Good girls pack their undies. Bad girls don't WEAR ANY.Good girls wear highheels to work. Bad girls wear high heels to BED. P.S. Chris_981 is BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD, BAD TO THE BONE
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SM0TVI [KVIrc@unaffiliated/sm0tvi] has quit IRC: Quit: Hi. I'm a quit message virus. Add me to your configuration file, and help me take over the world of IRC.
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<SweetAsSalt> charlie_101, bored? Try to hit ur head on the keyboard!
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<Guest53687> I'm so jealous of black guys
<Guest53687> bcuz ANYTHING looks good on them
<Guest53687> lets face it if I saw a black guy at a gay bar dressed in drag I would so hook up with him
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[19:21:15] <Mr_Carmichael> isn't galadriel thousands of years old? so the 20 something room might be a little young for you ;)
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<cock> z0r
<cock> so give me the command :|
<@z0r> /msg IRC QUIT nickname password
<cock> ok
* cock (owner@B3425BDD.EC869F31.FDD0583E.IP) Quit (Quit: cock *******)
<@z0r> pwnt.

(password masked)
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<aceshigh> quit Why does DOS never say "EXCELLENT command or filename"? They all can't be BAD.
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