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[01:19] *** Spikey sets mode: +b *!*@DFE3BCC1.E8F8AC0A.10741088.IP
[01:19] (#primeval) You were banned by Spikey
[01:19] *** You were kicked from #primeval by Spikey (Go play leapfrog with a unicorn (194))
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<j3st3r-coffee>  Im habitually slow when it comes to catching libra..... I would hate to see her driving on the highway.....
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<MallBoy> youre lucky im eating nachos now, i dont have time to type to u fuking losers
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<p0tat3rs> !report #ccks I love ccks
<Watchdog> [RAS]-> Your request for an IrCQnet ChanOp to review #male-anatomy has been acknowledged
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(Drexxie): Be Right Back  shitting
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Attitudal Angel IRC : What The Halo Can't Fix The Horns Are Sure To Cure!] (Be nice to your kids. They'll choose your nursing home
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<VomitVixen> I'd rather play with a sausage than a fruit cup anyday.
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[17:33:01] #icq_india jack-xtr : Autobot lets do the robot dance
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Thought the IRCOPS would like to see what MaTriX does on his off duty time (note I left out the nick that posted it to protect the innocent :)  @???? <- what was MaTriX thinking

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<hardman> my brother won't let my nephews watch the symphony on pbs cause its too much sax and violyns
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